Monday, November 28, 2005

URL Forwarders / URL Redirecting

URL Redirection is a technique that enables to view a web page from more than one URL. This means a same web page is available thought a number of different URL if each URL redirects itself to some particular URL.

On the World Wide Web, there exist huge numbers of web sites that can take a long URL and give you back a shorter URL. Among these, there are many free websites too, that let you shorten your URL without any registration. Actually, these web sites create a new URL that in turn redirects itself to a long URL. Since these sites forward a click from one link to another, they are also known as URL Forwarders. Some of these websites also do sub-domain forwarding.

Following is a list of such sites in alphabetical order. Many of these are free:
  • BabyURL -- Check:
  • Beam.To -- Check:
  • -- Check:
  • -- Check:
  • MakeAShorterLink -- Check:
  • Metamark Shorten Service -- Check:
  • MY OWN Networking -- Check:
  • -- Check:
  • -- Check:
  • -- Check:
  • -- Check:
  • snipURL -- Check:
  • TinyClick.Com -- Check:
  • -- Check:
  • TinyURL -- Check:
  • URL Cutter -- Check:
  • urlSNIP -- Check:
Besides, there are a lot more such websites available that shorten your URL.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Google Reader

Today, I'll discuss about a new entrant to Google Labs -- Google Reader. Check:

Google Reader is one of the latest entrants to Google Labs. It makes it easier to maintain the ever-expanding reading list of content from across the web. Using Google Reader one may automatically get the latest news and updates from their favorite sites. The best thing for novice users is that their is a search bar at the top where you just need to put in the name of the website and Google itself identifies the links to the news resources available for that site. Remember you may need a Google account.

So for now, Happy Reading!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Free Developer Tools (Sun Java Studio Enterprise & Sun Java Studio Creator)

Sun is offering the award-winning Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 and Sun Java Studio Creator 2004Q2 IDEs at no cost to all developers worldwide who join Sun Developer Network (SDN).

Java Studio Creator is an easy-to-use IDE for serious web development on the Java platform.

Java Studio Enterprise's rapid architecture and modeling capabilities enable faster development of enterprise-grade applications for the Java platform.

Check out for details.