Monday, November 28, 2005

URL Forwarders / URL Redirecting

URL Redirection is a technique that enables to view a web page from more than one URL. This means a same web page is available thought a number of different URL if each URL redirects itself to some particular URL.

On the World Wide Web, there exist huge numbers of web sites that can take a long URL and give you back a shorter URL. Among these, there are many free websites too, that let you shorten your URL without any registration. Actually, these web sites create a new URL that in turn redirects itself to a long URL. Since these sites forward a click from one link to another, they are also known as URL Forwarders. Some of these websites also do sub-domain forwarding.

Following is a list of such sites in alphabetical order. Many of these are free:
  • BabyURL -- Check:
  • Beam.To -- Check:
  • -- Check:
  • -- Check:
  • MakeAShorterLink -- Check:
  • Metamark Shorten Service -- Check:
  • MY OWN Networking -- Check:
  • -- Check:
  • -- Check:
  • -- Check:
  • -- Check:
  • snipURL -- Check:
  • TinyClick.Com -- Check:
  • -- Check:
  • TinyURL -- Check:
  • URL Cutter -- Check:
  • urlSNIP -- Check:
Besides, there are a lot more such websites available that shorten your URL.

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