Sunday, August 12, 2007

Arrived in ISU, Ames

This is my first post after arriving in Ames. I joined my university early this week. The orientation starts from tomorrow, however the classes won't start until August 20. I do not have to do much things during the orientation. Presently, it is summer here and the Sun is quite hot. However, I am not worried about it at all, since I am aware that soon, when the winter arrives, I am going to miss it.
I met a lot of new people here. They have been really helpful and it is nice to see the way people help each other here. At least the first impression has really been impressive.
I would also like to give a special thank to all the members of ISA, who helped the new students acclimatize in the environment in the best possible manner possible. The old students here are really helpful and concerned about the new students. A big kudos to them all!


  1. wish you the best my boy!
    hello from the other side of the moon!

  2. Thanks for the wishes..
    I am still on the earth :)