Monday, September 10, 2007

AirTel Advertisements and the Special Text

Today I am putting few of the AirTel advertisements that do have some special messages as well.
Here is the first advertisement:

This is the text in the advertisement. Do note the hidden meaning of each phrase!
Two words
Can bring down an empire
One dream can change the world
One raised finger
can break a billion hearts
Two can win a world war
A whisper
can inspire hop
A touch can instill faith
Some voices can move a nation
Some can dissolve boundaries
One act of defiance
can spark a revolution
One hundred thousand candles
can end a war
That's the power of human expression
Express yourself
Here is the second one. Again note the text and its meaning:

Say yes
Say no
Say something
Say nothing
Speak up
Speak out
Be heard
Express Yourself
Here is the final one. The text is in Hindi, however I am trying to give an appropriate translation as well:

निगाहें निगाहों से मिला कर तो देखो (At least try to meet the eyes)
नये लोगों से रिश्ता बना कर तो देखो (At least try to make relations with new people)
हंसरतेँ दिल में दबाने से क्या हांसिल होगा? (What shall you get by suppressing your emotions in your heart?)
अपने होंठ हिला कर तो देखो (At least try to move your lips - try to talk)
खामोशीसे कब होती हें खवाईशें पूरी? (Since when silence started to fulfill the dreams?)
दिल की बात बता कर तो देखो (At least show what is in your heart)
जो हें दिल में उसे कर दो बयाँ (Tell whatever you have in your heart)
खुद को एक बार जता कर तो देखो (At least express yourself for once)
आसमाँ सिमट जाएगा तुम्हारे आगोश में (Sky will come down in your hands)
चाहत की बाहें फैला कर तो देखो (At least try to open your hands for it once)

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  1. Good Collection Dude and great blog, I always knew airtel has been innovative of them all in thier advertisements especially with Rahman in their backpocket.