Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Search on Jarhoo for free with javacio.us

Here is the mail that I received from Jarhoo:
Dear Jarhoo searcher,

We have teamed up with Javacio.us to provide 100,000 Java developers with free access to Jarhoo via links integrated with their Google search results.

Subscription to Javacio.us is free and open to anyone with a Google account.

For more information, please visit our Jarhoo offer page at Javacio.us

Kind Regards,

Jarhoo Customer Service

For those who are not aware, Jarhoo is an online search engine providing Package and Jar File location information for Java classes. It is specially useful on following occasions (read details here):
  • When getting a ClassNotFoundException or NoClassDefFoundError
  • When writing import statements
  • When wanting to browse the package structure of an application
  • When wanting to find which applications contain a particular jar file
Jarhoo was originally introduced as a free search engine. However later it was made paid. Here is a chance for java developers to access it for free again.


  1. Anonymous3:22 AM

    There is even a free alternative to jarhoo with a much bigger index, I believe. Check out merobase. Or just click this link to see their example...

  2. At the first sight, the interface is definitely cool. Moreover it supports several languages other than Java. Kudos!!